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Our approach

Our stakeholder engagement strategy is robust, fit-for-purpose, and takes into consideration key learnings from our previous engagement programs.  

Our overarching stakeholder engagement strategy transparently sets out our approach to engaging with stakeholders. The objective of our engagement program is to ensure our Access Arrangement (AA) Proposal, and business plan more generally, is consistent with your long term interests. 

For more information, you can read our Victoria and Albury Stakeholder Engagement Strategy which was guided by our Victoria and Albury Stakeholder Engagement Scoping Paper. 

Our approach to stakeholder engagement has four phases:

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Engagement

The key activities involved in each phase are outlined below.


Strategy phase

The strategy phase helps us understand specific requirements for the chosen region. We engage with the community, and seek feedback, with activities including:

  • Internal workshops with relevant internal stakeholders
  • Sharing our proposed approach with the Regulator
  • Engaging with local regulatory bodies and Reference Groups, including key representatives of the local community and gas energy retailers


Research phase

At the research phase, we use external research support to help design and conduct our customer engagement activities, in particular to provide support for:

  • Designing location-specific engagement activities
  • Developing research themes and questions
  • Conducting research including workshops, developing and hosting surveys and analysing results
  • Independently reporting customer insights


Implementation phase

Customer insights from the research phase help us develop our business plan. Activities include:

  • Internal workshops to understand customer insights
  • Business planning and modelling to adjust business plans as appropriate to incorporate customer insights
  • Further engagement and community activities on investment decisions as appropriate


Ongoing engagement

Beyond developing a business plan, we continue to engage with stakeholders to explain our investment decisions. We take our learnings during the research phase of each regional engagement activity and apply them to future regions. Activities include: 

  • Publishing customer insights
  • Releasing educational material to explain investment decisions
  • Ongoing engagement with our Reference Groups


Our stakeholder engagement program will be rolled out in sequence to the communities served by our natural gas distribution networks.   With operations in most Australian states and territories, whilst stakeholder engagement is an ongoing, business-as-usual commitment, we focus on different regions at different times.  

The current Access Arrangement periods in each jurisdiction are as follows:

  • South Australia – 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2021; and
  • Victoria and Albury – 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2017.

We will also be in contact with communities supplied by networks that are subject to light regulation (Queensland) or no regulation (Northern Territory and parts of Queensland and New South Wales).

To view current Access Arrangements and current tariffs for networks operated by Australian Gas Networks, navigate to our Regulatory Information section.